gardening frustrations

I can’t tell you the frustration I feel – the hours of endless watering, the examining of each plant, the excitement when a watermelon which we named ‘Walter’ suddenly appeared and grew from a mouth watering golf ball, to a delicious looking tennis ball, to a scrumptious hand ball yet ended it’s life quite suddenly by splitting open to reveal it’s pinkish yet unripe insides which seemed to reflect my own wounded insides as I carefully broke Walter off his stem, gave him a sniff and tossed him onto the compost pile – a quick burial for a quick yet promising life!

butternut squash

It appears you can’t get the city out of me after all.  And so I am left feeling quite deflated at the idea of gardening – it seems like a lot of hard work for little reward and yet others LOVE IT including my neighbours who will often drop by with lots of fruit and veg saying they have so much this year they don’t know what to do with it, so clearly I am doing something wrong.

But let’s not give up  all hope! I have promised myself to continue to learn the art of veggie growing and to begin this autumn by digging up the land, investing in some manure and hopefully we’ll see more veggies next year!