wishing 2018 to be a year of joyful possibilities, peace and love for all

As our first year comes to a close and we cosy up to the log burner, we are given time to reflect on all that has happened during 2017. It is hard to imagine that just a year ago we were living in a truck, we had a compost toilet and 6 hectares of wild land . Since then we have achieved so much with thanks to all of you who have supported us either through your words and comments on social media and conversations or through physically coming here and helping us build, water the land, dig, carry, cut my hair :-), chop, cook, clean and share expertise and ideas. The list is endless and so are you. I am going to make an attempt to write down all the names of people who have come here to visit and to help. We want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU from the depths of our hearts for helping us to create a space for many others to enjoy …

Thank you Roger T, Neel, Ali, Guy, Akira, Hannah, Dan, Kevin, Steve, Dan, Sam, Todd, Nick, Holly, Joshua, Roger, Nedege, Natalie, Sonny, Nieve, Tasha, Nicky, Anna, Danilo, Charlotte, Li, David, Tom, Jennifer, Vanessa, Helen, Suzanne, Isabel, Uncle Ian, Maxime, Elise, Stephanie, Sophie, Melina, Nova, Nicky & family, Jessica, Jameen, Stefan, Anthony, Charlie, Rogila, Astra, Luci, Jane, Andy, Wayne, Maria, Angelina, Jac, Bina, JB, Jemma, David, Nick, Lucinda, Sebastian, Anna, Hugh, Ben, Heidi, Steppe and Liz.

We hope to see more visitors and friends next year and returners too. You are all very welcome.

Wishing you a very MERRY Christmas and a year of joyful possibilities, peace and love XXX