Are you having any concerns about glamping here?

I am always in awe of our retreat guests who have the courage to stay here despite their concerns about camping and living in such a rural location

Yoga of the HeartTwo retreat guests come to mind. They both attended different retreats and were both quite anxious about camping. They expressed that they had had a couple of sleepless nights before arriving and had even considered dropping out altogether. They knew from our website that they would be staying in a rural location and that our beds in the bell tents would be comfortable slatted beds, with duvets, blankets, sleeping bags if needed and even carpets – but the idea of using outdoor showers (all showers are private by the way) and compost toilets coupled with sleeping in the great outdoors can often set the imagination spiraling into a state of panic!

saying goodbyesWe have found that it is only after people have spent their first night here that they quickly realise how comfortable staying here actually is. It doesn’t take long before they are enjoying the scenery from the comfort of their roomy bell tents with magnificent views, lounging in a hammock with a book or podcast, they soon forget their concerns as they relax into the natural rhythm of ‘glamping’ life in our valley.

singe starAnd when the night descends and the solar fairy lights begin to sparkle as the night sky fills with stars, they are soon transported into what feels like another world. The majority of our guests have shared how incredibly well they sleep here and find they fall into very deep states of sleep full of dreams thus wake up feeling very rested and relaxed, and this has been said by those who usually have trouble sleeping in their normal day to day lives.

I am pleased to say that both guests had wonderful experiences here explaining they were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is here and both will be returning (woohoo!!!)

on the beachSo if you are considering joining us but you are feeling a little nervous or doubtful about it, then know that you are not alone and you really are in for a treat! The best is yet to come!

If you have any questions about staying here then do get in touch with us and we will aim to put your mind at rest and can put you in touch with previous guests who shared similar concerns.

Namaste x