yoga testimonials

“I’m really finding Camilla’s kundalini yoga classes inspiring and uplifting and feel the spiritual depth of the mantras and work even though my brain knows nothing about it!” Elena

“Attending Camilla’s y12sr, has been of huge help to me. The sessions have raised my awareness of the need to look after myself as a whole human being. I am a part of the fellowship and have just completed treatment. The combination of 12 step reading, meditation and gentle but challenging Yoga has helped toward lifting my spirit, mind body and soul. I have been engaging with Camilla’s y21sr now for a few months and at the end of a session I have a lovely sense of calm and grounding. Camilla’s teaching gives me much warmth, encouragement to achieve my personal gains. Camilla is an inspiration for anyone, as she has experience in the daily challenges of recovery too.” AA, NA member

“Really like this yoga – good asanas, good focus, feel very held by Camilla. She knows what she is doing, yet the practice is intimate and personal and well paced, with just the right spiritual aspect.  Not too much, but very far from gym yoga. Thanks Camilla – I am looking forward to the Yellow Wave classes!!” Suzanne

“Camilla began teaching me in March 2013 and I’m amazed at my progress. I really like her pace, which suits me as a 53 year old male. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone new to yoga.” Student, Brighton

“Attending Camilla’s classes has given me an opportunity to truly link physical flexibility with mental and emotional well being. Prior to starting the classes I had not been as aware of the true connection between mind & body… we hold so much of our emotional state in our bodies. Yoga Recovery helps me to release both through sharing, meditation and the practice of yoga. Camilla has a style which allows you to feel safe, held and supported. Over the past year her classes have been fundamental to my continued recovery” AA member

“Camilla’s Yoga Stretch class at the Hanover Centre has really improved my mobility. As an arthritis sufferer with some permanent joint damage, she has patiently and skillfully helped me to find work-arounds for the postures I couldn’t do before. Camilla has also taught me how to listen to my body, and I feel more mindful of my movements. I’m so happy to have yoga back in my life after thinking it was impossible for me. I can’t recommend this class enough.” Harriet

I have been practising yoga for over ten years and have been a member of Al Anon for nine years. I have enjoyed beginning Y12SR. Camilla’s classes are carefully constructed and strengthen my Recovery through listening to others shares, a variety of readings and ideas and learning to trust my body as the Spiritual interweaves with the physical plane. Camilla’s encouragement to go at my own pace and her reflections have made this a really beneficial time and I will certainly keep coming back!” Alanon member

Camilla’s blend of yoga with 12 step recovery was a real awakening for me. The combination of gentle postures, breathing techniques, meditative music and personal attention was fantastic and really set me up for the weekend.” AA member

As a long term yogi I have always wanted to go on a retreat.  The week spent with Camilla, the girls, Kerensa and Steppe was all I could have wished for. The yoga practice was amazing and I feel balance and grounded” Jan (attended the Chakra retreat at Elska Organics, Teneriffe)

“Camilla is extremely knowledgeable and knows her subject well. I was really impressed with the knowledge and information she had sourced and that she related each session in terms of the meditation and physical practise to the specific chakra of that day. Camilla has her her own distinctive flavour and bought her joy for great music , singing and dancing into the retreat that bought joy, smiles and laughter this worked very well. Although I felt out of my comfort zone with regards the morning sharing, I recognised that Camilla had created a safe and confidential space in a very professional and caring manner that really helped us. She made it clear that anyone could come and talk to her after , due to her sensitivity and caring approach it was clear people felt comfortable to do this. The final day and trip to Mount Teide was sheer genius, what better way to finish the retreat , absolutely perfect in so many ways,” Sophie (attended the Chakra retreat at Elska Organics, Teneriffe)

Camilla created a heart and soul touching week. It was just awesome and so beautiful with all of us. I never expected something like that. And the place from steppe and kerensa is just magic. For me it was really a life changing week. One week after I arrived home I quit my job and said yes to a job in the cafe. So I can start to cook there and I also have one lesson per week teaching yoga! I still can’t believe that it’s me who is doing this 🙂 I got a lot of courage from the week with you. I learned a lot in the week, especially that I’m really not alone with the demons on my back and the little child in me and the dreams and all the other things! Thank you so much for the week, for you and for sharing all with us…” Christine (attended the Chakra retreat at Elska Organics, Teneriffe)

The yoga retreat led by Camilla was very great and intensive, it was such a good energy in the group, and I think that the discussions in the morning were very healing. The location and the eating were sensational! Camilla, Kerensa, Steppe and Owl are so warm and friendly people and I felt very well looked after. I can tell you all I highly recommend it and am grateful to have met you all” Ramona (attended the Chakra retreat at Elska Organics, Teneriffe)