oh to be a Buddha in the wind and rain

We’ve had an interesting 3 months preparing for our first retreat, which I would like to say was stress free as we tapped into our Buddha natures, but that would be telling a lie!

Just as we were getting probably a bit too comfortable with how smoothly everything was going the weather changed. The skies literally opened up and showered us with constant rain for over two months. At first we were delighted to see the rain as we really needed it after last years dry spring and summer.  But as the weeks turned into months all we could do was look on in desperation as we watched all the work that we and our volunteers had done slowly be destroyed as the rain turned itself into rivers.

Thankfully in the week just before the retreat we had a dry spell and the land dried up just enough to allow us to repair some of the damage and to get the bell tents up. Thankfully our friends Jason and Isabel came to the rescue with three of their workaways and joined our team (Gillian, Keith and Cloe) who all managed to get the four bell tents up just in time.

I am pleased to say that our first seven retreat guests were non the wiser when they arrived. Instead of the chaos of the week before they were able to enjoy a serene and beautiful landscape that had been cleared and prepared just for them and their enjoyment.

Om shanti